About Buffaloops

At Buffaloops, we know that artists, producers, and DIY music creators want to have a large toolbox of professional-quality and unique samples and loops for composing and mixing. In order to do that, they need to scour the web to find usable samples at a reasonable price. The problem is, a lot of the samples out there aren’t unique, don’t use real instruments, aren’t made by industry-vetted professional producers, and are expensive! Too, most charge extra or take a percentage for royalty licensing. This makes artists feel trapped and creatively limited! We believe in providing unique samples focused on tonal quality, which are ready to drop and play in any DIY, and are affordable and Royalty-free. We understand the struggle of producers; especially DIY producers!

Here’s our plan:

Mixing Panel at Buffaloops Studio Buffaloops where Professional Quality Loops, Samples, One Shots, Hits, and Drum Kits are made.
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Our audio is made by experienced producers and trailblazing artists, to bring you quality samples you can use to create custom music, whether it be a personal homemade track, or a billboard top 100 song.

The founding producers and artists at Buffaloops started out in Buffalo, NY, and have since traveled the world bringing expertly produced and mixed music to public ears.

The Buffaloops producers have worked with some of the leading artists in the world, including DaBabyFutureJ BalvinYG, ELHAEYuna, Young ThugBebe RexhaFabolousJust Blaze, and more.

Our producers have also worked in some of the music capitals of the country, including Atlanta and Los Angeles, at leading record labels.

We decided we wanted to use our decades of experience in playing, recording, and mixing music, to give our viewers (that’s you!) access to top-end loops and samples, and so Buffaloops was born!

Not only that, we wanted to show and tell how some of these beautiful tracks were made! On each sample pack page, you will find tips on some of the great tools and techniques we used!

Finally, we believe the music you create with our loops and samples should belong to you, which is why we have made every pack you purchase 100% Royalty-Free! When you purchase a pack from us, you will receive a Proof of Purchase code. From that point on, you can use the loops and samples to create original pieces. Even if those original pieces end up on a platinum-selling record, you don’t owe us a dime. That’s the Buffaloops way!

Buffaloops Collection of Drum and Guitar Royalty free loops and sample packs, one shots, drum kits, and more, from trap loops to hip hop beats and more
Laptop screen with Neural DSP Cory Wong Mixing Software at the Buffaloops Studio in Buffalo New York

Contact Us

We are so excited to be here, and we are always excited to hear from our customers and viewers. If you have any suggestions for Buffaloops, we would love to speak with you. Just visit our Contact Us page to reach out. We always respond in 1-2 business days!


Looking to Collaborate?

We love to hear from talented artists. If you would like to contribute to Buffaloops and be featured on your own pack, let us know! We can work with you remotely, using our mixing experience and our huge collection of software and mixing gear, or even bring you to our studio! If you already have a complete pack you would like to sell on our platform, we can discuss that as well! Tell us a little about yourself to get started.

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