Fresh Pop Drum Loops and Samples and One Shots by Buffaloops

Fresh Pop Drums

Pop drum loops, one shots, hi-hat loops, and top loops. Crisp and buttery, two thumbs way up!

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131 Drum files (Pop Drum loops, hi-hat loops, one-shots, and top loops)


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  • 131 drum files
  • Drum loops, hi-hat loops, one-shots, & top loops
  • WAV files

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Fabfilter Saturn plugin as used in the Fresh Pop Drum Loops, Samples, and One Shots Pack by Buffaloops Royalty Free Loops

This kit was mixed using the Solid State Logic X-Desk and select outboard analog gear. The kick drum in the Fresh Pop Drum Loops pack was processed using a lot of specific saturation.

The Fabfilter Saturn plug-in provided significant multi-band distortion, which helps to shape the sound and impact of the kick drum. To further the saturated sound, the Wavesfactory Spectre plug-in was used to add more character and saturation, and additionally assisted in the EQ of this drum.

The hi-hats and shakers in this pack were all recorded in one of the Buffaloops studios. The high hats that were used are vintage 1970 Zildjian 14-inch high hats recorded with an AKG 451 Microphone. The shakers in this pack were LP shakers recorded with Rode NT1A microphones.

Rode NT1A microphone, which was used to record pop drum loops, samples, and one shots for the Fresh Pop Drums Pack by Buffaloops
Fresh Popcorn Art for the Fresh Pop Drums Pack by Buffaloops

The snare drums in this pop drum loops pack were the most fun to create because we used a lot of analog gear, plug-ins, and multiple drum samples. Multiple snare drums were used to record the sounds including a Yamaha 6 1/2 inch deep 14-inch snare drum. Multiple microphones and multiple tunings were used on all snares to create these unique sounds. We chose to record the snare drums inside of the control room at True Sound Studios because it provided the desired tightly controlled result.

After all of the Fresh Pop Drum loops were edited, processed, and ran through analog gear, they were recorded back into the DAW. To create the final files, we also decided to parallel compress the final drum loops using the SOUNDTOYS Devil Loc plug-in.

All of these drums use the softube console 1 4000E emulation to shape and process these sounds in the creation phase.

Soundtoys Devil Loc Plugin as used in the Fresh Pop Drums hits, one shots, kick drum, snare, and hi hat loops pack by buffaloops
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