Junk Drawer Royalty Free Drum Sample , Loop, and One Shots Kit made by Buffaloops music

Junk Drawer Drums

Unique royalty-free drum hits and loops made with nuts and bolts, jewelry, and just about everything else lying around the house. Carpenter? Producer? Be both. 

A sample of what's inside...


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  • 140 drum files
  • Drum loops, hi-hat loops, one-shots, & top- loops
  • WAV files

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Roland TD 30KV Kit, used in the Full-Length Studio Drums Pack of royalty-free drum loops by Buffaloops music

The Junk Drawer pack is truly unique. We’ve created a large set of professional-quality royalty-free drum loops, samples, and hits, using items found around the house, from jewelry to PVC pipe and brass hardware. Bring something very distinctive to your musical creation to set your piece apart.

This kit was mixed using the Solid State Logic X-Desk and select outboard analog gear.

The kick drum itself was processed using a DBX 160X compressor, driven hard into the SSL X-Desk, and shaped with the Wavesfactory Spectre plug-in.

Solid State Logic (SSL) G-Master Buss Compressor Module used in the Junk Drawer Drums Drum Loop and One-shot Kit by Buffaloops

The snare drum got its grit from the Locomotive Audio Weight Tank compressor. This compressor/saturator added a lot of dense tonal character. The sounds were also run through a Dolby A-type noise reduction unit. This Dolby unit added the brightness back to the snare drum, and also enhanced the slight chorus effect that was also added with an Alesis 16 bit effects processor.

Post-processing of the snare drum was done using the Oeksound Soothe2 plug-in and the Waves Audio SSL compressor plug-in.

The trap snare drum sound was passed through a 163X compressor before additional brightness was added using a BBE 482i sonic maximizer. In addition, the trap snare sound can also be found in the “one-shot” folder, which also was further augmented with the Alesis Quadraverb reverb.

BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer Module used in the Junk Drawer Drums Royalty-Free Drum Kit by Buffaloops
Ludwig Vintage Drum Set as used in the Buffaloops Real Drum Loops, Samples, hi hat loops, hits, and one-shots

The hi-hat sounds were also passed through the SSL X-Desk. They got their brightness from the BBE 482i sonic maximizer. The hi-hats were also passed through a triad transformer, which helped intensify the underlying characteristic tone. Post-processing of these high hats also included the Wavesfactory Spectre plug-in.

The kick and snare drum sounds were recorded using a Ludwig 1969 drum kit. The mic preamp‘s that achieved these pushed and saturated sounds were the Black Lion Audio B173 mic preamps.

Unique to this royalty-free drum kit is some very interesting percussion elements including a box of electrical connectors, PVC pipe, jewelry, the sound of a drawer opening and closing, and others!

Tools and Materials used in the Junk Drawer Drum Loops and one-shots pack by Buffaloops
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