The Trip Spaced Out Pack using BABYAudio plugin, 100% Royalty-free loops and samples by Buffaloops

The Trip

Spaced Out Guitar

These spaced-out guitar loops were made with the BABY Audio Spaced Out plugin, for a gorgeous spacious open tone.

Includes 40 BABYAudio Spaced Out Plugin Presets!

A sample of what's inside...


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$ 12

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  • 1.53 GB of Files
  • Compatible with all DAWs and mixing software
  • WAV files
  • Royalty-free
  • Includes 40 Spaced-Out Plugin Presets!

More about this pack...

This pack features a very powerful plug-in from BABY Audio called Spaced Out. This plug-in was used in many different ways to feature all the incredible parts of this plug-in.

If you love the tones in this pack, and we know you will, the Plugin presets (40 presets!) we made are included with the pack, so you can create even more amazing music.

Smooth Operator plugin by BABYAudio as used in the Crash Landing Spaced Out Drums Royalty Free Drum hit one shot and sample loop pack by Buffaloops

The post-processing was done with another BABY Audio product called the Smooth Operator. This plug-in allowed us to take out certain resonances in the samples and add to the spacious smoothness this pack delivers, and improve the final tone.

Another big part of the post-processing was the use of the Plugin Alliance SPL Stereo Vitalizer. This really brought out the amazing midrange tone of the guitar and ultimately helped create the great full sound of these loops!

These loops were recorded with the amazing Neural DSP Cory Wong amp simulator plugin. With this plugin, again we used the multi-mic simulation, which added depth and fullness to these guitar loops.

Cory Wong Neural DSP Plugin Guitar Loops and Samples
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